Park Grange Farm,


Park Grange Farm




32 Weeks


What was the brief?

The brief for Park Grange Farm was a sensitive restoration and conservation project for three farm barn buildings, with the intention to convert them into AirB&B lets. The client required a transformation that would not only preserve the barns’ structural integrity, historical character and heritage but also ensure they were ready for future interior refurbishments and landscaping. This involved not only reinforcing their structural integrity but also preserving their historical character, including the conservation of traditional features like slate roofs and windows, for modern functionality, ready for their new role in hospitality.


What did Octane do?

Octane Construction undertook the role of principal designer, approaching the project with a blend of meticulous care, sensitivity, and precision. Our initial step involved a thorough investigation of each barn, employing a methodical approach to carefully dismantle any unsafe structures. This process allowed us to rebuild the barns using the original materials and traditional methods, preserving their character while adapting them for modern use. Additionally, we installed a new drainage system and sewage plant, and ensured the barns were not only aesthetically pleasing but also fully functional and future-proof.


What was the result?

modern functionality, setting the stage for the next phase of development. Each barn was meticulously equipped and structurally prepared for its transformation into a 5-star AirB&B holiday let. This included ensuring the buildings were ready for full interior fit-outs and extensive external works, all while maintaining the authentic charm and character of the farm’s historical architecture. The project’s success lies in its seamless blend of the old with the new, creating an ideal foundation for high-end, comfortable holiday accommodations that honour the farm’s legacy.

We will bring your vision to life!

Chris Quinn