DS Smith,
Clay Cross


DS Smith




14 Weeks


What was the brief?

DS Smith approached Octane with a comprehensive brief that required a full groundworks package for the construction of three industrial units. The project presented several challenges, including the proximity to a live watercourse, a high water table, and the presence of contaminated ground.

The brief demanded innovative solutions to overcome these environmental and logistical hurdles while ensuring the project’s sustainability and efficiency.


What did Octane do?

In response, Octane deployed a multifaceted approach to the groundworks, demonstrating precision engineering and environmental sensitivity.

The team constructed precast and gabion basket retaining walls to stabilise the site and manage the watercourse effectively. A private substation was built to support the new industrial units’ energy needs, ensuring a sustainable power solution.

Furthermore, Octane constructed a piled access bridge to improve site accessibility and conducted S278 works to connect the new development seamlessly with existing road infrastructure.

Throughout the project, Octane’s expertise in handling complex ground conditions and their commitment to safety and environmental standards were evident.


What was the result?

The completion of the DS Smith Clay Cross project stands as a testament to Octane’s capability to deliver foundational and structural work under challenging conditions. The new industrial facilities provided DS Smith with not only additional space but also enhanced operational efficiency and resilience against environmental challenges.

The successful navigation of the project’s complexities resulted in robust, sustainable industrial units ready to meet DS Smith’s operational demands.

We will bring your vision to life!

Chris Quinn