Velocity Leeds, Cladding Upgrade


Velocity, Leeds




36 Weeks


What was the brief?

Velocity Management Company appointed Octane Construction with a critical project: replacing the existing cladding on three city apartment blocks. This task was essential as the current façade did not comply with new fire and building regulations. Our objective was to not only meet these stringent standards but also to enhance the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of the buildings, ensuring a blend of compliance, quality, and visual enhancement.


What did Octane do?

Octane conducted thorough and detailed investigative work on the existing façade and structure, enabling our design team and supply chain partners to meticulously plan and design the new façade and substrata. This approach was crucial to ensure compliance with the latest fire and building regulations. The project’s execution was strategically sequenced to minimize disruption to residents and the daily life of the community, considering the limited space available for compounds and related logistics.


What was the result?

The outcome of the project was a fully compliant façade across all three apartment blocks, meeting current regulations through stringent quality control. This transformation not only enhanced fire safety but also the overall aesthetics of the buildings. Throughout the project, we maintained consistent and transparent communication with the residents, ensuring they were well-informed and reassured about the progress and quality of the work, thereby bolstering their confidence and sense of security in their living environment.

We will bring your vision to life!

Chris Quinn