Lawcris Panel Products Expansion


Lawcris Panel Products




30 Weeks


What was the brief?

Lawcris Panel Products, a long-term client of the Octane family, approached us with a critical expansion project as their operations had grown significantly. The brief involved expanding their retail and warehouse space to include a new trade area and a dry loading area. A key aspect of this project was ensuring that daily operations continued uninterrupted despite the ongoing construction. Additionally, the project was bound by a challenging and tight timeline, with a crucial handover date that was essential to meet the client’s operational needs.


What did Octane do?

Octane Construction, in collaboration with our skilled design team, developed a strategic plan to expand the Lawcris facility by 3,000 square feet. This expansion was meticulously orchestrated to enhance both the operational space and the customer experience. A key focus of our approach was to ensure that the increase in facility size was executed without disrupting Lawcris’ ongoing production activities. Our team employed innovative construction techniques and careful planning to maintain the flow of daily operations, demonstrating our ability to manage complex projects within tight constraints and deliver results that align with our client’s specific business needs.


What was the result?

The expansion of the Lawcris facility has significantly enhanced their operational capabilities. The additional space has not only allowed for a more comprehensive display of their extensive product portfolio but also facilitated the functioning of their trade account more effectively. The newly provided office space has catalysed growth, offering a modern and functional environment designed by our team in collaboration with the supply chain. This development has not only improved workflow and customer service but also laid a foundation for future expansion and growth. The project’s success lies in creating a space that not only meets current needs but is also adaptable for Lawcris’s evolving business demands, ensuring long-term benefits and operational efficiency.

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Chris Quinn